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It has been a long standing practice in the engineering profession to assign a design project to a team that consists of at least the following three professionals, 1) a junior engineer who typically does the initial design based on his/her professional training as well as the selected standards and design criteria; 2) a drafter who inputs all design elements that are determined by the junior engineer into a drawing using a CAD software tool, such as AutoCAD or MicroStation; and 3) a senior engineer who supervises and checks the work by others on the team and stamps the design plans once all work is completed, after multiple revisions and iterations that require the participation of all team members. Inspired by our first-hand observations and experience with the many challenges associated with this practice, we developed the One-Click Designer (OCD) with the objectives of simplifying and streamlining the design process and making it more efficient and less demanding in manpower. We are proud to present OCD as a smart and easy to use yet reliable tool that integrates the knowledge of the junior engineer with the skills of the drafter and the experience of the senior engineer. The powerful features built in the OCD have made it possible for a single professional to take over all the engineering and drafting tasks that used to be performed by a team of professionals with a significantly enhanced level of quality and efficiency.

OCD was exclusively developed for civil engineering design purposes based on local standards and specifications. OCD Software offers users the flexibility to either use an existing CAD files or simply use the established templates to effectively perform engineering design tasks. All pertinent information of individual design components is saved in the database and can be retrieved efficiently whenever the object is selected by a user. Such information includes the general attributes of a design component, selected design criteria and parameters, as well as pertinent references and resources, including related websites, engineer’s experience and comments etc. The properties of an object in AutoCAD and/or MicroStation, such as layer in AutoCAD, level in MicroStation, line weight, line type, text style, dimension style, etc. are also included in the database. With the help of OCD, users no longer have to remember or set CAD properties of individual design components but just simply select and place the predefined components at the right place in a CAD file. Additionally, OCD Software has the ability to check and report whether the subject design files are in compliance with the selected state, federal or local standards.

Main Features
  • Efficient
    Using OCD, it cuts down on a lot of detailing or hand work.
  • Quality and Consistency
    The predefined objects not only keep all work consistent, but also ensure quality in both design practice and final design products.
  • Easy Data Input
    Information can be imported to the database by simply clicking the object in existing AutoCAD or MicroStation files or spreadsheet files. Users can select either an existing CAD file or a built-in template, and use the easy-to-follow modules to complete the task. Double click any object, all information related to the object is collected and displayed for users’ convenience.
  • Automatic Data Update
    The database is expanded and updated automatically every time when new information is entered, which not only keeps the information current but also ensures consistency and saves time for all future uses.
  • Fully Integrated with CAD Platforms
    when an object is selected, all AutoCAD and MicroStation properties of the object will be obtained. Users can draw design plans in either AutoCAD or MicroStation software environment without setting properties. All settings predefined in the templates will follow the standards of a federal, state or other agency as specified by users. Additionally, multiple AutoCAD and MicroStation files can be used concurrently throughout the design process.
  • Group Collaboration
    OCD Software promotes group collaboration among professionals with a system that collects and keeps track of the knowledge and experience shared by various engineers throughout a project design process.
  • Quick Reference Search
    Users can search and quickly find the standards, parameters, and any other design related information from the built-in reference system.
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