Roadway Calculation(RC)
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Roadway Calculation application includes six modules: Vertical Clearance, Horizontal Stopping Sight Distance, Intersection Sight Distance, Profile Grade Break and Cross Slope Break at Gore Area, Tie-in to Existing, and Sight Distance at Undercrossings. All calculations can be completed automatically, and all results will be updated if roadways design revise automatically .

Using Roadway calculation, the efficiency and accuracy increase significantly.

Main Features
  • Automation
    Roadway calculation can be done automatically.
  • Efficiency
    Verify our design meet criteria automatically.
  • Easy to QA and QC
    All calculation are tracked and easy for review and check.
  • No Data Input
    All data can be retrieved or updated automatically.
  • User-Friendly Design
    The software is a very intuitive and easy to master even for infrequent users.
  • Fully Integrated with CAD Platforms
    All calculations are related to the design in MicroStation, and all required data can be retrieved from Microstation automatically, and the results display in the file as well immediately
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