Intelligent Cost Estimator (ICE)
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ICE was exclusively developed for cost estimation purposes based on local design standards and specifications, as well as unit cost information. ICE Software offers users the flexibility to either use an existing CAD files or simply use the established template to effectively perform the quantity take-off of all pay items and provide the project cost estimates that reflect the local market conditions. Additionally, with just one click, ICE Software can automatically generate customized bid proposal and summary reports. This function not only streamlines the process and saves tremendous amount of time for manual inputting and formatting, but also ensures consistency and eliminates potential human errors through a highly automated process. Furthermore, with the same or higher level of automation, ICE Software enables users to check whether the design files are in compliance with the standards and specifications that are required for the project at hand. ICE Software can also be used for quick and rough estimates for funding programming or preliminary planning purposes. In such cases, users do not have to predetermine specific standards, which saves a significant amount of time and effort yet produces the cost estimates with an acceptable level of accuracy.

ICE Software is an effective and sophisticated tool for some of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks performed regularly by engineering professionals in both public and private sectors. With some customized modifications to its generalized framework, ICE Software can be used in many areas of engineering practices and public works operations. In addition to establishing project specific cost estimates, ICE Software can also be used for project prioritization and funding programming related activities that are typically performed by Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), State Department of Transportation, or any agency responsible for planning and programming the regional infrastructure improvements. For example, customized applications of ICE Software have been proven to be an effective tool to program the 10-year construction plan for regional flood control facilities, and to assess surety bonds and fee estimates for off-site improvements that were required for proposed private land development projects.

Main Features
  • Automation
    All quantity take-off and cost estimation works can completed by computer without any manual intervention.
  • Efficiency
    All work and reports can be generated within the timespan of at least an HOUR no matter how large the project is.
  • Precision
    All items quantity are calculated 100% accurately
  • Customized Reporting
    With a simple click, an accurate and customized report can be automatically generated and easily updated to reflect the most recent changes in either unit costs or standards and specifications.
  • Flexible and Accurate
    Quantity and cost can be summarized with different phases, locations, options, etc. AutoCAD and MicroStation files can be used concurrently throughout a project specific cost estimation process.
  • Effortless Reporting
    All criteria for quantity take-off and cost estimation can be set flexibly and tailored to satisfy user’s specific needs or preferences. Any changes made throughout the process are automatically updated whenever design files are modified.
  • Consistency
    The smart framework and built-in templates not only save users time and effort, but also ensure quality and consistency of the final products of the cost estimation process.
  • Automatic Data Update
    The database is expanded and updated automatically every time when new information is entered, which not only keeps the information current but also ensures consistency and saves time for all future uses.
  • Easy Data Input
    Users can select either an existing CAD file or a built-in template, and use the easy-to-follow modules to complete the cost estimation task.
  • User-Friendly Design
    The software is a very intuitive and easy to master even for infrequent users.
  • Fully Integrated with CAD Platforms
    AutoCAD and MicroStation files can be used concurrently throughout a project specific cost estimation process.
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