About Us

CESS LLC is founded by licensed professional engineers with extensive experience in engineering practice and software development. With a mission to deliver smart engineering solutions with a maximal efficiency at a reasonable cost, our primary goal is to provide intelligent, efficient and easy to use software applications to professionals who conduct engineering work in either public or private sectors. With an intelligently designed framework, our software products not only save the time and effort to accomplish various engineering tasks, but also eliminate mathematic and human errors through proven procedures and automated processes. Combining leading-edge technologies with several decades of first-hand engineering practice, we take a great pride in delivering high quality products and services that maximize our client's productivity and profitability in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

60+ Products Display
  • Intelligent Cost Estimator (ICE)

    Quantity and Cost Estimation can be done within the timespan of at least an hour in ICE no matter how large the project is.

  • One Click Design (OCD)

    Improve efficiency significantly, and most work can be done with just a click of a button.

  • Transportation Management Plan

    Transportation Management Plan includes post evaluation, preliminary work zone impact assessment, work zone management strategy, and etc.

  • Traffic Control for Highway Construction

    Traffic Control Plans can be generated AUTOMATICALLY.

  • Roadway Design Assistant

    Provides multiple tools for roadway design, including file management, horizontal and vertical alignment validation,and etc.

  • Curb Ramp Designer

    Automation is applied for curb ramp design and can be designed within an HOUR including a data table, callout, flow diagram, quantity, isometric, etc.

  • Pothole Table Generator

    All Potholes can be identified automatically and a Pothole Table can be generated automatically in MINUTES.

  • Guardrail Designer

    Guardrails can be designed and drawn in plan automatically, and quantity takeoff can be done at the same time without any effort or time on your part.

  • Typical Section Management

    Manage all typical sections and share with all company, and typical sections of any project can be done within at least an HOUR.

  • Template Management

    Manage all templates and share to company, and all templates related to typical section can be finished within hours.

  • Geometry Table Generator

    Geometry Tables can be drawn or updated in MINUTES no matter how large the project.

  • Superelevation Generator

    Superelevation can be generated and drawn in plan automatically within the timespan of at least an HOUR, no matter how large the project is.

  • Criteria Management

    Manage All Criteria of Federal, All States, and Other Agencies, and applied in projects.

  • Roadway Calculation

    Including Vertical Clearance, Horizontal Stopping Sight Distance, Intersection Sight Distance, Profile Grade Break and Cross Slope Break at Gore Area, Tie-in to Existing.

  • Cursor Tracking

    Over 60 items information is dynamically displayed of cursor location, such as Additional Topic, Criteria. Comments, Deviations, etc.

  • Traffic Signing Corridor

    Auto-generates Corridor for signing plan.Automatically integrates to roadway, drainage, utilities and other disciplines.

  • Traffic Signing Elevation Plan

    Automatically generates Signing Elevation Plans (Cross Sections), Plans include structures, columns, truss, signs, ITS, etc.

Product Advantages

All of our products are fully integrated with commonly used Computer

Aided Design platforms, including OpenRoads® and MicroStation®.

Tel: (720) 326-8618

Product Features
  • Experience Based
    Developed by professional engineers with decades of first-hand experience.
  • Integrated
    Integrated with AutoCAD and MicroStaiton, and most work can be done AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Extensive Database
    Information sharing with cross referencing and real-time dynamic updates.
  • Intelligent
    Smart framework that represents standard and proven engineering practices.
  • Efficient & Accurate
    Highly automated system eliminates redundant efforts & human errors.
  • Multiple Licensing Options
    Conventional licensing or user subscription to fit your budget.
  • The most effective programs in the market
  • Standard and proven engineering practices
  • Highly automated system to avoid human errors
  • Smart design & intelligent framework
  • High quality output with minimum to none manual input
  • Automatically updates changes
  • Conventional licensing to fit your budget
  • Straightforward processes and easy to master